"Criminal" Escapes Custody! {Grade of A}

This was a low-budget film, but an exceptionally well-played movie. I felt like half of the plot was taken from Ryan Reynolds' Self/less film that he made last year with the only difference is the implantation of brain activity & not the entire bodies switching up. I didn't except as much gore as I saw, but that made the film live up the the actual name of the movie. 

Kevin Costner. He. Needs. An. Award. For. His. Role. Costner played his role just like a ruthless, cold-blooded, heartless alpha male with only one characteristic: he acted like a robot the entire time! Lol! It was like he was adjusting to living a life that he had never known and he made it funny, but at the same time focused and zeroed in on the task- and that was finding who he needed to find. 

Gadot was a really magnificent addition to the film. Her role was pivotal because she showed Costner how her husband was and through her, Costner changed his whole lifestyle that he had ever known simply because of her and what was in his heart and brain because of the role Reynolds portrayed. It was an action movie, but deep and emotional on many levels as well. The movie had the perfect title, a killer plot, & killer action! Never a dull moment especially when Jericho took the screen!