"Mother's Day" Is Just Another Day! {Grade of D}

The movie was very sweet & charismatic. Each of the four mothers had their own littler personal story to tell, but they were all intertwined with the addition of the one male character that stood out during the entire film and that was the character of Bradley.

A male's perspective was keen in this film because that was was needed to show that NOT only could single moms make it without a man- that men can do it too. Also, I felt like with the two ladies who had kids but had no male-father figure in the him or by their sides that they showed they could be both parents, but....BUT it would be nice to have a supportive person to fall or to lean on and not have to do everything alone.

This is a really predictable and yet tremendously funny film. I feel that Aniston's character was THE ONE that shined in the film and taught the audience about what it TRULY means to be a mother- single or not. She gave specific- VERY specific examples of how a mother should act and the type of role model that she wants to be for her children. She was humorous in the film, but who doesn't like a little bit of humor? Right?

The film was cute & had a message that everyday can be Mother's Day or Father's Day. Everyday you celebrate the love and light that you bring into each other's hearts and lives. Never be afraid to tell your parents anything- don't waste one second of wondering "what if..." just do! Do what makes YOU happy and never ever stop until you find your thrill!

Happy Momma's Day!


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