"The Boss" Stays on Top! {Grade of A}

Darnell's Darlings! What a great name for a great bossarrific brownie business! McCarthy NEVER disappoints, does she? This movie was funny from beginning to end! She and Bell really had on-screen magic! I cannot pin-point my favorite scene because they all were hysterical to me! The opening scene at the orphanage set the tone that the laughter would never ever stop! 

Getting past the comedy portion of the movie and going more towards the message that it relayed also: I felt that the character of Michelle Darnell was crucial to film because she had to learn that wealth was not everything and you just cannot assume that you are right about everything & everyone simply because you are rich- you can't forget where you came from and how you came to be successful.

People allow money to control them and change them; who they are as a person & her assistant played by Bell had to show and constantly remind her of that. This is the message that I pulled from the story amidst all of the R-rated jokes and laughter. The film provided balance- half comedy and half realism. I enjoyed the film. Don't get me wrong, McCarthy is a boss! She rocks, rulez, & schools people. She is a wonderful actress and comedian! I could not see my life without having her movies in it! She is loads of fun!

But there is always a message she relays to her fans in every single one of her movies if you can see past the laughter she provides. I think that she is great at making comedy movies & she does hat because she is a free-spirited woman and she wants to spread of laughter and love with everyone! But when it comes time for her to be a boss and take charge- WATCH OUT 'cuz she will be no darling.....darlin'


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