"The Huntsman: Winter's War" Is Cold & Good! {Grade of A}

They've done it again! Just like in the first film- they cut the amount of time Charlize Theron was in the movie. The entire movie was about The Ice Queen. Do NOT get me wrong- Emily Blunt gave a magnificent and icy performance and I was really feeling her pain and rage while watching the film.

Emily Blunt was flawless! I simply cannot get over how AWESOME she did in her role! It is not like I was expecting her to fail, but I was not expecting what I saw from her! She was monumental just like her Ice Fortress she built. Blunt & Theron really had the sibling rivalry down perfectly. The moral of the story was that Ravenna wanted Freya to be strong and fearless like her, but the manner in which Ravenna went about it was all wrong and that was her weakness- not Freya, but doing things underhandedly and in her own way in what she saw and felt was right was her Achilles Heel.

The characters of Eric & Sara were monumental in the film because they were the warriors/hunts-people of the film. The film was centered around the Ice Queen- but these two were the strongest in her family of children she trained to be like her because of what Freya aka The ice Queen had lost. I loved the fact that these two characters were married and showed Freya what love is and how you cannot turn your back on it- no matter the cost. no matter what. Loves does conquer- not all, but it conquers!

I had been waiting on this film to hit theaters since last year and it was definitely worth the wait. That's for sure! The only drawbacks that I saw in the film was that the overall picture quality was not poor, but not completely up to the highest standards; as I stated earlier- Theron's role was not seen enough; and lastly the fact that the film should've been filmed in IMAX because with all the "icy" scenes and warrior-type imagery, it would have looked and sounded excellent in/on IMAX formatting. Towards the end of the film, it seemed as though the film was being taped live on TV. Just not looking realistic to me and that is what made it bad.

I did not buy Snow White on DVD when it came out years ago, but I will but this one. This film was a prequel and no where near a sequel. When the film first began- they showed through the portal of the magic mirror clips form the previous film which set the stage for this film & the film was narrated the entire way though. 

I thought that was just an outstanding feature to the film. It was being told like a children's novel. I loved that aspect of it. The opening was superb- just superb! This movie was 100 times better than the original. There is a twist that is revealed but at the end (of course). Will you figure it out in time...or as the Ice Queen says, "shall we find out?" 

The film was that of an epic novel, but you can certainly pull a great lesson from it. Strength comes from within & like the narrator says at the close of the film- not all fairy tales will end happily. And as I SAY, YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN PATH AND DESTINES!