"Capt. America: Civil War" Beats All Odds! {Grade of A}

Wow. The movie was greater than I ever had imagined it to be. That character of Vision who is Stark's ally is just such a character like Tony. He really says some of the most outrageous things. His humor matches that of Stark's. That is for sure! Downey, Jr. ALWAYS adds his own brand of humor in these Marvel films & I love that about him! Laughter is good- in any sort of a movie no matter the genre!

There really wasn't much of a war brewing between the characters of Captain America and Iron man. They both did not see eye-to-eye on things. The same situation can occur in life today. People will not agree on everything; but it is the tactful way in which to handle things & Captain America handled them in a respectable manner fighting for what he wants and believes was true whereas Iron man just wanted to fight- literally to stop the Captain. 

And what happened? 

Someone realized their mistake and apologized. I will not say who- but once that happened, another secret is revealed and that opened up another way between the two, but in the end, the same things happened- someone apologized. In life, people will realize the truths that they are meant to realize and see. 

You cannot force truths onto people who are not in the proper mindset to see it when you want them to see it, but when they choose to see it in THEIR own time. That is what I pulled from the confrontation between Steve and Tony during the film. 

I love seeing The Black Widow kick butt! Scarlett is one might feisty bad-ass to put it mildly. I love her attitude, her pose, her control, her everything! The film had stellar acting, flawless action scenes and there was never a dull moment. The movie was explosive and that is putting it accurately! Lol! Scarlet Witch really added that "flare" to the film! 

The young actor who portrayed the role of Spider Man was very comical for the short time he was on screen. It was just hilarious to see that and for the character of Aunt May played by Tomei; I agree with what Tony said, his aunt is too hot to be an Aunt! Lol! Paul Rudd as Ant-Man added more humor. 

There was humor throughout the film, but very mild humor- all in all everyone did a great job and that Black Panther looked like Halle Berry when she played as The Catwoman. This movie was really perfect & I only wish that I had the chance to see it in IMAX because I bet it would have looked even more explosive than I am saying it was in the regular 2D formatting!


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