"Money Monster" Is A Felony! {Grade of F}

This was simply a film like that of Denzel Washington's, John Q. Someone taking hostage of a situation because they were not pleased with a certain outcome & wanted to cast out all of their hurt and pain on the object of their hurt and distraught feelings.

Have you ever been to a movie & you are just- numb? The movie does NOTHING for you except maybe put you to sleep? Have you ever put a movie on your TV just because you want to have something on until you fall asleep? That is ALL this film does- puts you to sleep. Sure, there is action, but not that much! And the little piece of action that is shown does not keep you that fascinated. 

It isn't the type of action that you would expect from a movie where a psychopath is holding people: very innocent people hostage at gunpoint. This film had a great plot (that has been portrayed in millions of other films) that could have been brought alive- but it failed- very, very miserably. 

This film should have been brought directly to DVD and to say that Jodie Foster directed it, too? Awe, man. Not too good for her image. She is one hell of an actress! This movie had more jokes than thrilling chills and suspense. I mean it was joke after joke after joke. I mean having jokes in a movie is good, but over 50% of the film was humor and NOT ALL ACTION... that kind of humor in an action and hostage type film? Come on now?!?!

She should have gotten a more stellar and bad ass cast for a movie that should have been bad ass!