"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" Moves Out! {Grade of C}

So sorry, neighbors! The movie stated off really funny and sexual (which you need to have with Seth & Rose, naturally). Those two having sex is such a joke to me! There is a total jaw-dropping story-line with Dave Franco's character that I did not see "coming." 

There is some great news for Efron's character- he FINALLY finds his "itch" of what he wants to do with his life & the fact that his BFF which is played by Franco told him WHY WHY WHY so many "specific people" is requesting services is f****d up is hilarious! To have the old gang back in the movie (meaning the guys from the first movie) was a quick riot reunion! I loved the first film, but this sequel was funny but NOT nearly as funny as the first. 

That is why I apologized when I started this rating. Don't get me wrong- the film is entertaining; not highly, wildly, or even mildly- but just plain old entertaining. Period! Seth Rogen & Zac Efron need to do a comedy movie where just those two are the stars in the film because they have on-screen chemistry as brothers! 

They are magical! You can see that they get along on and off of a set! It would be cool to see them in person working on a movie together. I mean in this particular movie (the sequel)- I see Zac Efron and Seth Rogen as close friends or even that of brothers that their on-screen chemistry is just on point! Very awesome pair! No joke!

I can only imagine that they are funnier off set rather than on. Even though the film was an R-rated comedy- there were TWO very crucial lessons to grasp from the film: (1) to find what you love out of life and do not and stop moping around and living the life of numbness and originality- go out there and be happy; do what satisfies and grounds you & (2) to KNOW with a high and strong assurance of who your real brothers (TRUE and AUTHENTIC friends) are. 

They know what they think you should have in your life and want what is best for you and they will show it in their actions. They will not only speak it, but will live it and show it! Franco does a stellar job of being that friend for Efron's character! It goes waaaay beyond comedy for him in that one very specific aspect. 

Everyone did such a good job that it should end right here- Neighbors 1 was about frats and this one was about sororities. We should stop here! Just saying! You agree?