"The Nice Guys" Are Average and Dull {Grade of C}

This was the CRAZIEST & the most entertaining film that I have ever seen this year! Crowe & Gosling work extremely well together! They had me "cracking" up with laughter!

This is an action-comedy movie that did NOT disappoint. Gosling really gets into the role in the film. He really plays stupid- flawlessly. The introduction of Kim Basinger plays a very crucial & pivotal role in the movie- believe that! There is a plot twist that will take you by surprise! 

I have no more that I can say about the movie except that it was well worth the wait! I did not stop laughing! I couldn't! It was like watching a spoof movie without the spoof & instead watching a action movie with comedy but that Steve Urkel sort of comedy. 

Does that make any sense to you? To say that this movie was all about finding a dead porn star's missing film- it was so much more than that to me- the real lesson of this movie was the good guys were being nice guys while trying to find the bad guys. The absolute best part of the film was the very beginning of the film with the car crash and the introduction of Misty Mountain. 

I kid you not- this movie is highly entertaining, contagious with laughter and you just laugh repeatedly at Gosling's character- he makes this movie! I'm telling that Ryan Gosling MAKES THE NICE GUYS! 

Crowe was just there to remind him that he was stupid! In conclusion, once you watch the movie you will be falling out of your seat laughing your tail off at one person and one person only- you know who that is- Ryan Gosling! 

Be cool, be nice, and see Gosling & Crowe be the nice guys solving the crimes of Los Angeles like Gosling did in Gangster Squad only with that film, he wasn't an idiot detective! Plus, there was nothing nice about him! Bang...bang...

It was so weird to see Ryan Gosling dressed in 1970's clothing! I could adapt to seeing Russell Crow in those old clothes, but Ryan? Ryan Gosling? No way man! No frickin' way could I ever get use to him dressing up like that? There is just no way! Lol!