"X-Men: Apocalypse" Smashes! {Grade of A}

The Apocalypse: The moral behind the story of this mutant was that he wanted to take over the entire world. To wipe out & erase all mankind; everything & to start again from scratch. The Four Horsemen that he gave more power- I feel that he really didn't. He gave them the power and strength that they always had from within and he just tapped into it for them. They prevailed. All 4 of them prevailed! They conquered AGAINST the apocalypse. They proved that they were strong. 

The main and ultimate goal of all the X-Men films is simple: to tap into the power that you already have inside of you & to unleash its full power and potential WHEN NEEDED! This was sort of a back story at times because it demonstrated how Cyclops and Jean met; there was a scene with Wolverine and how he met Jean; how Storm came to be a student at the Gifted School and how Peter strives to fight for his family and how his power would always lead him to his father, but never caught up to him even though he is fast but is never there to catch him in time. 

Seeing Raven is always a good thing. She is the center of these films because she fights for what is right and for needs to be fought for- and not against. 

The character of Jean was essential in the film- the way that she believed in herself and her abilities to take down the most powerful of powerful and how the entire team came together to defeat "The End" was mind-blowing and she blew...She soared! She blew! She aimed and she fired! With passion! Flawless scene!

The character of Magneto was epic because his power was the most valuable, but Apocalypse tried to corrupt his mind & use it for good as he did with the other 3 horsemen, but Professor Xavier got to him and made him realize along with Raven that what he was doing was wrong. 

He is strong- strong enough to prevail against what he was being manipulated into doing. At first, he nixes Charles' ideals and goes to Apocalypse's plans because of what he suffered and went through but in life, that is what makes us strong- what he went through. There were jokes by almost every cast member or facial expressions that were funny. Like I always said and believe- adding a bit of humor in any film is always a good attribute. 

The outfit that Pyslocke (played by Munn) was wearing was like she was S&M guru! Lol! She was ready to spank and whip! She was looking good! Everyone did an outstanding job and the movie was bomb! Explosive! ACTION-PACKED! Highly ENTERTAINING

I recommend that everyone see this film and if you can see it in IMAX 3D- I did not, but after seeing it, I wish that I had because the visual effects and the opening of the movie leading into the opening credits was spiraling around & around and I could only imagine how it would look and sound on an IMAX screen! Take my word for it! It would sound and look like a "storm!"