"Central Intelligence" Is Not That Smart! {Grade of B}

It was very ironic to see Kevin Hart play a "serious" role by being a picture perfect role model for others in the film whereas seeing a man built like a Terminator (The Rock) play the role that I am use to seeing Hart portray; and that is that of a child or a prankster. 

This was a comedy film, but it was so much more bigger than that- overall, it was a film that had one crucial aspect: recognizing who you are and who your REAL AND TRUE friends are and no matter how many years have passed or gone by, they will still be the same person and if they were bad people they opted in to change their lives for the better.  

The Rock wearing a fanny pack & acting serious when he needed to be but still in a child mindset and not in his usual kick ass action type of a way was difficult for me to watch- I felt like someone was playing a joke on me. It is like watching Steve Carrell playing a serious role when all he does is comedies just like that of Kevin Hart. 

There were 2 actors that were in the movie towards the end that I did not expect to see all grown-up, but they are two actors who do a lot of comedy film work so they blended right on it perfectly! How the opening sequence started (referring to the music) was awesome!

 I was in my seat bopping my head to the tunes and ready for an awesome movie experience! Rawson really directed an awesome movie that I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of. It made me stop and think about my life; the type of person I have become and all the friends that have come in and out of my life. The movie really has to make literally any one who sees it reflect on friendships and the meaning of the word. 

This film is a great representation of what the word "friendship" really means. Really. The director exhibited it in so many ways- he shows how you have to have trust and to feel what you know is right no matter how much people are trying to convince 
you otherwise and to hold strong to your faith that you have in the person you now to be your friend. 

At the close of the film, something is revealed in the gym that matches the start of the film that was located in the gym. The Golden Jet helped Bob Stone realize that running away from problems do not solve them- but facing them solves them.

 This movie IS intelligent- very amidst the comedy in in that throws you off, but if you remain focused- you can see that "smart" aspect of it. It makes you stop & think about so many topics in life & who and what we take for granted and to also realize what is right in front of our faces because it can be gone in a second if we don't fight (not literally like they did in the movie) to keep it.

In conclusion, the ending of the film is very predictable. I will not ruin it for you but pay attention to the goals that the actors say they want to accomplish! Lol! The best part was that of Bob Stone was right there waiting for his best friend and was a HUGE PART of his life which he though was SMALL, but larger due to his enormous heart and generosity and most importantly, his loyalty and unconditional friendship!