"Conjuring 2: Enfield Poltergeist" Terrifies! {Grade of A}

I can agree with audiences all over the globe and movie critics about this being the No. 1 in America right now. Yes, everyone has spoken about this being another hit film. 

It followed the same exact premise as the first Conjuring film and the introduction was explained a lot as to why Lorraine locked herself in her room for 8 days after that exorcism that she was giving a lecture on in the first film. This film gave a lot of background information. 

It was NOT as scary as all the clips and commercials/advertisements were leading us to believe- at least, that is my opinion. Do not get me wrong. I enjoyed the film. Enjoyed seems like the wrong word to use considering this was a real case and a true story of the real Ed & Lorraine Warren. 

Farmiga is the ONLY actress who can portray her role in this film. She is irreplaceable! Her acting capabilities in these films are stellar and flawless. She really draws you into what she is feeling and trying to portray to the audiences. She deserves an Oscar just for her work in The Conjuring! 

Wilson always delivers! He is just brilliant as she is! I loved his "Elvis tribute" in the film. I will hope that these two wonderfully gifted & talented actors keep making these films. I love good horror films and James Wan NEVER EVER disappoints! Never! 

The music is creepy, the house is haunted, the movie is scary and chilling. It has all the elements to possess you to want more and more! That is what you want isn't it- for more movies to be "conjured up? Parts 3- however many we can get from Patrick & Vera?


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