"Me Before You" Breathes Life Into You! {Grade of A}

The meaning of the title of this film was simple: To. Live. Boldly. The character of Lou (aka ME) was putting herself and her needs for Will (aka YOU) before what Will Traynor wanted for himself. 

When Lou found Will's request that he wanted for himself, she took it upon herself to change Will's mind to WANT to  live; whereas he did not. She also used his ailment/paralysis to get away from her own boyfriend & to form a true bond and love with the ONE person that she could let go and be intimate and vulnerable with. 

From the moment that she & Will went on her "last & final ditch effort" to convince Will to choose life and not death---up until the point where Will took his last breath in Switzerland...you can feel an AUTOMATIC chill going through your whole entire body! Clafin's action & words just touch you and are so real and believable- that @ that precise moment on the beach where he tells her how he really feels- you can feel his hurt, anguish, sadness, & disgust for his condition. 

Every single thing that Will has ever known prior to the accident, he will never be able to get back. That is what frightened him each and every day of his life!

He didn't want to continue living his life not being able to do the things he had always done and he did not want to trap a young woman who was free to do all of the things she could to be tied down to him and be his nurse instead of his lover or companion. 

The wardrobe that Clarke wore in the movie was like she was always going to a polka-dot sock hop! I kid you not! Will's jokes about her shoes and taste in clothes were dead on! Lol! Sam & Emilia really had flawless and on-screen chemistry that was undeniable!

Sam really got into his role because he played the part beautifully of a paralyzed man. I give him an Oscar just on looking the part (no lines even needed) Their perspective characters helped each other realize things about the other. 

Lou showed Will that life does not have to end because you have reached the end and Will showed Lou that you have to live life and not be afraid! To be bold!