Now You See Me: The 2nd Act Vanishes In A Great Way! {Grade of A}

It was awesome, awesome, and more magically delicious than the first film. I will not lie. It was great to see the gang "re-appear" back on the stage and on movie screens across the world! 

I had the pleasure of working with the Four Horsemen when the first film was made. It was shot in new Orleans, Louisiana and it was so fun to meet Isla, Dave, Jesse, & especially Woody! Great and outgoing people! 

I know that millions of people were anticipating the arrival of the sequel- myself is more than included on that! I could not wait to see it begin! The opening of the film was just- magical. There is no other word to use, like literally magical! I saw a few changes in this film that I wanted to expound on for a minute. 

Firstly, I saw this film as being both a sequel & a prequel simultaneously because a lot of things were revealed and explained about various cryptic people & topics such as Dylan Rhodes, the Eye, what happened to Henley, why Thaddeus Bradley wanted to expose magicians, etc. It gave a back-story to everything. 

I see no need to make a 3rd film, but if one does come forward, I will be on board, but I hope that won't be a box-office disaster like the Taken movies. Once the father got kidnapped.....the daughter...and then what? Nobody left to kidnap, just like with this film. 

Everything ended like it was supposed to I feel, but you never know what is plotting in screenwriter's minds if Merritt places it there! Lol! 

Merritt: his mind tricks were so crazy and foolish in the first film, but in this one- they go up a notch and in a more professional and serious manner. That was the FIRST thing I saw immediately with that character. Harrelson still had his sense of humor with the character. 

The character of Jack Wilder: Jack is a handful with those cards! He can cut your eye out! Watching his character is great because his smile is something great to look at. He is like a Mini GQ. 

The introduction of Lula taking Henley's place was stellar. I LOVE Isla Fisher! So much! She is a total sweetheart, but Caplan played a better female Horseman than Fisher. Lizzy was always grabbing my attention with her quirks, she had a very unique style she put into the character. The way she dressed; what she said down to her facial expressions. 

She was direct and yet funny at the same time. She was not plain or boring. She keeps you well entertained! 

And of course, I saved the best for the last: J. Daniel Atlas: Eisenberg is still the same- he made sure everyone knew he was the leader and was aiming for he leader of the group. Atlas. What can you say about him except that he is magically delicious! 

He is precise, smart, cunning, and on top of his game! My favorite scene in the entire film was the vault scene and the final scene of the movie where Tressler and his son were in the airplane. 

What the 4 Horsemen did to that plane was something that I did NOT NOT NOT see coming- at all! There is nothing bad that I can say about the film but it was badass! I loved the effects in the vault scene with the card. 

You have to see it to understand what I mean by this. I do not want to give anything away but see this movie- you will be more than entertained and will get your money's worth! It is like seeing a live magic show! Maybe these 4 should really go on a tour and do magic live! What you think about that? 

Morgan Freeman's role: he has that voice that steals and draws you in and you never know what to expect. His character is essential to the film and he reveals some thing to Agent Rhodes at the close of the film that touches your heart. Through all the magic you see- his scene with Ruffalo is magical. 100%!

Mark Ruffalo's Agent Rhodes: he is more intuitive in this film and is plotting his payback and he lets himself be known to the Horsemen & is there to protect them, but at the same time he does not listen to their opinions or feedback. 

The introduction of Radcliffe was good- he really shakes things up like Merritt's _____ (hint) does in the film! Will you be able to figure out who he is? I loved how everything was explained at the end of the film about all the tricks/magic that was done to achieve the Horsemen's ultimate goal! 

Don't look too close- you might miss something! Now You Read This....Now See This....Or Do You???

Look Closely & Tell Me What You See....