"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping"....DIES! {Grade of F}

This movie takes you on one wild & very outrageous ride! I had the opportunity to see it earlier this week @ an advanced screening, but I had to decline due to unforeseen circumstances, but I wish I had because this is the type of film where I would want to see it either for free in a multiple of ways: i.e. someone buying me a ticket; seeing it at an advanced screening; or seeing it for half-price or at a matinee; or even having a friend who works at a theater get me in 4 free of charge admission. 

Now that my rant is out of the way, let's discuss shall we? I felt like I was in the movie myself because cameras were all up in Conner's face! His role was so unreal that it was totally ridiculous to even watch or entertain! It wasn't SO stupid like a spoof movie, but it was funny and utterly original. The moral of the film was that Conner was seen in a whole new light thanks to his friends.

By that I mean that he has finally come to the realization that money, power, and fame changed him & also made him look down on his 2 best friends who stuck with him through thick and thin; no matter what. It took one of his two best friends, Owen to help him realize this through persistence. If you have true and real best friends and if the friendship is sincerely genuine- no matter how much time has passed, you will find your way back to each other and that is what happened with Conner. 

The overall moment in the film was when Conner chose his friends over being in the spotlight all of the time! He had to get out of that dream/fantasy world that he was living in and wake up to the REAL word and know that you cannot let money change you or dictate and rule over your life! You can't do it! You cannot allow that to happen. You cannot forget who you are and NOT were because of fame and dollar bills, yo!

The cameos by all the top musicians in the film were a great characteristic of the film and they were funny as well saying the things they were saying as if "Conner 4Real" actually existed! My favorite part of the film was the Bin Laden song! Nothing could top that! In short, the film was entertaining, but not as I was expecting it to be. 

It might have been more amusing if there was more than 4 of us in the auditorium like a whole crowd of people, but who knows? It is funny and jaw-dropping hilarious but not something that I would pay to see again or bother to buy on DVD. Sometimes you take risks to see films that look good, but sadly- it disappointing to some sort of an extent. 

Never stop being you....don't let money change you- that is the message I got from Popstar Conner 4Real's Never Stop Never Stopping! Peace!