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"Bad Moms" Rock! {Grade of A}

Just when I begin to think Mila is stealing the screen in this movie...Kathryn comes along and takes the momentum from her...and then Kristen does the same thing. I really do want to say that ONLY one of these three actresses stole this movie, but all three did an equally impressive job at keeping me laughing uncontrollably! This is by far the BEST comedy film of 2016 thus-far that I have seen! I hope NOTHING tops this! Literally!

Kunis is the main portrayed in the film. It starts off with her telling her story about her life and how complicated it is- she has a very pivotal role to tell the people watching the film and it is simple: to stand up for yourself and to come to the rescue of your kids, for yourself, for any and everything that you feel you have to and not to wallow in self-pity because things did not go as you planned for them to. Also, not to let people take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Sure her character was funny but she had some real deep moments in the film where…

"Jason Bourne" Stays Hidden! {Grade of C}

Jason Bourne. What a magnificent sight to see! He can fight! He can shot! He can duck! But the one thing he can never seem to do right is run & hide- or that is NOT in his nature except the running part to fight to stay alive.

I was so completely bummed for 2reasons- one the movie was not that enticing and action-packed as I highly anticipated; and secondly, a character dies off the series. Hell, I didn't even know that a 5th installment was even being filmed! Lol! I love Matt Damon. Him and I share the same birthday! I love seeing him in any film , but he has not made any in a while. He has been off the grid fro quite some time now.

I think that these films are starting to get a little bit redundant and that they are reminding me of the film in the Taken series. Just like you can ask yourself how many times will the daughter get kidnapped? Who else needs to be kidnapped? The same exact thing applies to these films- in how many bits & pieces will Jason Bourne recall fragment…

"Cafe Society" Has Tea Someplace Else! {Grade of D}

I was thinking that this movie was truly going to be stellar and not because of the cast but because of the glamour and the the trailer for how in which it was portrayed to millions of people. 

I love and very much appreciate films like this because they are set around the premise of the stylish good and fancy old days where people were humble and gracious and not how celebs are now- stuck up, pushy and so addicted to money, fame, and power.

All I can say is that Blake Lively is "a vision to be seen." Her soft-spoken voice & her flawless beauty can capture any room- anytime; any place; any where! Waiting to see her enter in the film is what I was REALLY waiting for. Blake has a unique style about her. All I could think about while watching her was her role she portrayed as Adaline in The Age of Adaline because she did it so beautifully.

The film overall- was good. It had more entertaining moments than anything else- you would think that it was a comedy film in general more …

"Nerve" Is Not Electric! {Grade of C}

Did you know that there are some films that are entertaining (meaning fully) & then there are films that are mildly entertaining (meaning not as good or enticing)? This movie falls in that category of "mildly" entertaining. It lacks color and entertainment. Don't get me wrong- the film was good overall. It had a slow and boring start, but ended with a surprising bang.....

The entire concept of the film including the story-line was impeccable. I could tell right off the bat that this was a low-budget film. Both Franco & Roberts played the role well for this to be a teen sci-fi/thriller genre film. The movie was interactive like that of the horror film, Unfriended

Text message screens kept popping up on the movie screen; touch cell phones, etc. That was the concept of the film to keep in close contact the players of the game. To follow the and interact with them just like on social media outlets such as Facebook & Twitter. 

The pivotal role that was played was b…

"Lights Out" Stays On! {Grade of A}

The movie had a great concept and it is always- something; when a horror movie adds humor to it & it doesn't matter if it an actor doing an action or saying some thing that tends to make me and/or the entire audience laugh uncontrollably and I love how audiences in movies such as these talk to the actors in the film as if they can hear them with their little comments of: "don't go in there" or "Aww, why."

The beginning of the film was slow and not as interesting to say the only two actors in the film were Palmer and Bello. Horror films today star actors that I have not heard of so it makes me think that the film will be a bust simply because of that and at times, I am right and at others I am wrong. 

Once the connection is made as to why the creature appears when the lights go out is when we can really get into the film and understand why we see what happens when the lights..."go out!" I thought that- overall, this was an average scary movie bec…

"Ghostbusters" Kills! {Grade of D}

I would say that the film was lame and I was to blame to watch it- but the only reason I elected to see it was because of two things: Chris Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy. 

Those two actors did NOT disappoint during the entire duration of the film. The introduction of Hemsowrth's character when he first comes on-screen was hysterical!!!  Overall, Chris & Melissa exhibited equally-devoted humor to the movie.

I was slightly disappointed that I did not laugh as much as I expected or wanted to. The other 3 ghost-busters were funny, but not nearly as funny as McCarthy. The character of Jillian was the next best funniest and then Erin...and finally Patty. In this order.

I cannot say anything more about the film, but that I was not excited to see it but wanted to give it a chance. It is entertaining- mildly entertaining. It keeps your attention, but it lacks the power and illumination that the trailer had.

In conclusion, I feel that this was on OK film; it is not a movie that I would be …

"Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates" Connects! {Grade of A}

Plaza is good @ being bad and naughty which is why DeVine playing opposite her in this film was magical and perfect! He is naughty & horny. These two lit up the screen. Sure, there were fireworks but these two were hotter than any firecracker! 

These two made the movie! Sure, Efron & Kendrick had their moments as well in film where they shined in particular scenes, but the characters of Mike & Tatiana were just- phew....too hot to handle or sit on for that matter. 

For the ENTIRE movie their jokes, whispering conversations, talks, and body language was all sexual. That was the COMPLETE opposite for the characters of Dave & Alice. They were really trying to get to know each other and form a bond where Tatiana only wanted to use Mike and get what she could get out of him until of course the close of the movie where everyone realized and said what needed to be said and done. 

There was NOT EVER one single dull moment in the entire film. Do I wish it could have been longer? A…

"Purge 3: Election Year" Just Bites! {Grade of B}

This film was that like the first two Purge films. I WILL NOT give you any spoilers whatsoever about if there will be a sequel-- as badly as I would like to, I will not! I will "torture" you like they do in the movie on their killing sprees!

Frank Grillo is the man in the film. I love his role. The subtitle of the film is the placing pure emphasis on just that: election year. It is all about putting an end to the Annual Purge. Will it get passed or not? I'll never tell. The killing were gory and not brutal like blood splattering all over the place. There are some shocking twists and turns but I will leave you with something that will be funny to you after watching the film and that is one word: candy-bar. 

You will understand after watching the film in its entirety. In conclusion, I feel that the character of Joe was placed in the film for humor and it was not mild; it was and he was WILD. He definitely added the humor to the film amidst all of the chaos and uproar because…