"Bad Moms" Rock! {Grade of A}

Just when I begin to think Mila is stealing the screen in this movie...Kathryn comes along and takes the momentum from her...and then Kristen does the same thing. I really do want to say that ONLY one of these three actresses stole this movie, but all three did an equally impressive job at keeping me laughing uncontrollably! This is by far the BEST comedy film of 2016 thus-far that I have seen! I hope NOTHING tops this! Literally!

Kunis is the main portrayed in the film. It starts off with her telling her story about her life and how complicated it is- she has a very pivotal role to tell the people watching the film and it is simple: to stand up for yourself and to come to the rescue of your kids, for yourself, for any and everything that you feel you have to and not to wallow in self-pity because things did not go as you planned for them to. Also, not to let people take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Sure her character was funny but she had some real deep moments in the film where you can attain some of the knowledge that she and her real self had to experience. She taught me a very valuable lesson & I immediately identified with it.

Bell was the character that was tied to her family and never wanting to go out and played by the rules & wasn't open to change or forcing herself to push herself to see that a marriage is a two-way street and not a one-way and she stood up to her husband (not in the way of a real marriage) but she took a stand, just like that of Kunis' character. Yes, she acted stupid and as Hahn's character told her: "everything that you say is like a cry for help!" Lol! My favorite part with her was when they were all in the bar and they were talking about what they dream about if they had free time- Bell's story was off the chain and tops the cake! 

Pinkett-Smith was really a socialite-type character where she really did not have that much input because she was besties with the character of Gwen who was  a rude and controlling PTA president who loved being in the power-seat and using her title and resources to do whatever she wanted; whenever she wanted and did not give a damn about the consequences! She would always go along with what Gwen proposed or said- like Gwen would not allow her to have a voice or differ in opinions with her. I love Jada and she is always a pleasure to see in movies! I loved what she said at the close of the film thanks to the speech that Kunis' character said at the election on the night that a PTA President was chosen.

Applegate really gave that b****y performance. I do believe that there are women in the world who lack self-esteem & loves talking down to others, disrespecting others, etc. This is ALL that Gwen knew in the film until something happens to make her close that fairy tale book that she was living in and joined reality. It takes some people to totally hit rock bottom in order to realize that they have to make a change in some or many aspects of their lives. Some see it. Others see it and won't do  a damn thing to change it. Christina did a really awesome at displaying how NO ONE should act (whether be male or female).

Mumolo played just what the poster below says- clueless. She was just there to support Gwen and say yes to whatever she said and controlled her like a puppet. She was just a lady who looked good hanging around Gwen and Stacy more more of Gwen's right hand woman because she had the looks, the fire, and was "judgy" like Gwen. The End.

Hahn. I saved the BEST for the LAST! Showtime! Hahn really outdid herself. There was so much vulgar and profanity coming from out of this woman that it is a crying shame, but she taught the two girls who she befriended one thing that she had but they didn't and that is strength! There was NEVER EVER a dull moment when it came time for her to be on the big screen. This lady was literally having my eyes in tears! By the end of the movie you will know what hr two MOST favorite words are and if you don't pick up on them, you are one of the words, like I can call you one of the words that she loves so much! Stay for the ending credits after the film because the 6 ladies who star in the film-- their REAL mothers share stories with US after the film and the way that the film closed was perfect in a mother bad-ass type of a way!

You can be bad, but you can choose to be bad in a good and positive way and not bad all the time to the point where you can change yourself and who you are in the process!