"Cafe Society" Has Tea Someplace Else! {Grade of D}

I was thinking that this movie was truly going to be stellar and not because of the cast but because of the glamour and the the trailer for how in which it was portrayed to millions of people. 

I love and very much appreciate films like this because they are set around the premise of the stylish good and fancy old days where people were humble and gracious and not how celebs are now- stuck up, pushy and so addicted to money, fame, and power.

All I can say is that Blake Lively is "a vision to be seen." Her soft-spoken voice & her flawless beauty can capture any room- anytime; any place; any where! Waiting to see her enter in the film is what I was REALLY waiting for. Blake has a unique style about her. All I could think about while watching her was her role she portrayed as Adaline in The Age of Adaline because she did it so beautifully.

The film overall- was good. It had more entertaining moments than anything else- you would think that it was a comedy film in general more than a movie about Hollywood starlets & the high-end classy people who they attract or would want to attract. This film showed that people come to Hollywood for one thing: money (fame and fortune are automatically attached).

Eisenberg really made me laugh with his character. Him and Carrell and that is why I say that this film was a comedy. A slight comedy because not all was funny. There were moments where these two behaved in an appropriate manner but they lit up the screen with some of the things that they said. Well, maybe the majority of things that they said. Lol!

Stewart looked like a little girl ready to go to a Sock hop in Middle School with the clothes that she had on. Her and Eisenberg had real on-screen chemistry, although there was a twist in their love that they shared before Lively's character came into the picture.

In conclusion, the film was adorable and it showed that in order to be famous and have all the riches in the world, some times what will be will be and that if you are truly meant to have someone or something in your life- you will have it but you are rich- not because of things but because you have some one that really and truly loves and understands you!

They say that love conquers all, but did it for the above couple? Yes or No.