"Ghostbusters" Kills! {Grade of D}

I would say that the film was lame and I was to blame to watch it- but the only reason I elected to see it was because of two things: Chris Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy. 

Those two actors did NOT disappoint during the entire duration of the film. The introduction of Hemsowrth's character when he first comes on-screen was hysterical!!!  Overall, Chris & Melissa exhibited equally-devoted humor to the movie.

I was slightly disappointed that I did not laugh as much as I expected or wanted to. The other 3 ghost-busters were funny, but not nearly as funny as McCarthy. The character of Jillian was the next best funniest and then Erin...and finally Patty. In this order.

I cannot say anything more about the film, but that I was not excited to see it but wanted to give it a chance. It is entertaining- mildly entertaining. It keeps your attention, but it lacks the power and illumination that the trailer had.

In conclusion, I feel that this was on OK film; it is not a movie that I would be rushing out to see. It may be int he Top 5 this opening weekend, but I am certain that it will not sustain in the Top 5 in the next week to come. A sad truth that will "haunt us forever." Lol!