"Jason Bourne" Stays Hidden! {Grade of C}

Jason Bourne. What a magnificent sight to see! He can fight! He can shot! He can duck! But the one thing he can never seem to do right is run & hide- or that is NOT in his nature except the running part to fight to stay alive.

I was so completely bummed for 2 reasons- one the movie was not that enticing and action-packed as I highly anticipated; and secondly, a character dies off the series. Hell, I didn't even know that a 5th installment was even being filmed! Lol! I love Matt Damon. Him and I share the same birthday! I love seeing him in any film , but he has not made any in a while. He has been off the grid fro quite some time now.

I think that these films are starting to get a little bit redundant and that they are reminding me of the film in the Taken series. Just like you can ask yourself how many times will the daughter get kidnapped? Who else needs to be kidnapped? The same exact thing applies to these films- in how many bits & pieces will Jason Bourne recall fragments of his past life before he truly realizes who and what he is. The way that the film ended leaves room for...wait for it...yes in deedy- another one!

In closing, I felt that the roller coaster ride that Bourne and the villain in the film has on the Vegas strip was the best part that wowed and impressed me so very much and what I predicted with Lee happened, but not so much because of the twist at the end with what was left in her car, but if she knew Bourne- she should have KNOWN that was going  to happen. What is it? Watch and see for yourselves!

The film has intense moments, but it just lacks that extra excitement and that adrenaline rush that you need to keep you on the edge of your seat! That is what I was disappointed in the most. 

It is a 2-hour film and I was dozing off in the beginning and I was wide awake for the previews and everything that led up to the movie. I hope that it does succeed at the Box Office, but overall- I felt it was simply average to me.