"Lights Out" Stays On! {Grade of A}

The movie had a great concept and it is always- something; when a horror movie adds humor to it & it doesn't matter if it an actor doing an action or saying some thing that tends to make me and/or the entire audience laugh uncontrollably and I love how audiences in movies such as these talk to the actors in the film as if they can hear them with their little comments of: "don't go in there" or "Aww, why."

The beginning of the film was slow and not as interesting to say the only two actors in the film were Palmer and Bello. Horror films today star actors that I have not heard of so it makes me think that the film will be a bust simply because of that and at times, I am right and at others I am wrong. 

Once the connection is made as to why the creature appears when the lights go out is when we can really get into the film and understand why we see what happens when the lights..."go out!" I thought that- overall, this was an average scary movie because it had those elements that kept you wondering if some thing following you, will it come for me, will I die, what is latching itself onto my family. Things like that.

The boyfriend in the film added the humor- especially towards the end when he was being chased by the creature. I will not divulge if he will live or die, but let's just say he will have you laughing and steals the movie for about 5 minutes! It was an average scary movie that is worth you seeing if you like horror movies. It is not freaky scary where you will be scared to have the lights on or off in your house knowing what Diana can do no matter what.

The start of the film is absolutely perfect because it sets the premise & tone for the entire film. It gives you the background of the where the story will lead you and as the story unfolds you will understand WHY and WHO had to conquer Diana in order to stop her from terrorizing....so face your fears and lights out!