"Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates" Connects! {Grade of A}

Plaza is good @ being bad and naughty which is why DeVine playing opposite her in this film was magical and perfect! He is naughty & horny. These two lit up the screen. Sure, there were fireworks but these two were hotter than any firecracker! 

These two made the movie! Sure, Efron & Kendrick had their moments as well in film where they shined in particular scenes, but the characters of Mike & Tatiana were just- phew....too hot to handle or sit on for that matter. 

For the ENTIRE movie their jokes, whispering conversations, talks, and body language was all sexual. That was the COMPLETE opposite for the characters of Dave & Alice. They were really trying to get to know each other and form a bond where Tatiana only wanted to use Mike and get what she could get out of him until of course the close of the movie where everyone realized and said what needed to be said and done. 

There was NOT EVER one single dull moment in the entire film. Do I wish it could have been longer? Absolutely, yes! EVERY scene was funny- I have NO favorite parts so do not even ask me to identify which was my favorite part to you. I will say this to you and remember these wise words: Lavender Juice Box & Push Pop

You will burst out in laughter when you hear these two phrases. DeVine was absolutely hysterical. Who knew acting so silly and immature could be HIGHLY entertaining. He is going to be the next comedian of this millennium! I love watching him in films. 

No matter what he is in, I am never ever disappointed  in what he brings to the big screen! Zac Efron portrayed his role good- but he should have been more of a bad boy than a nice boy; but DeVine picked up his slack- NO DOUBT about that! I love Zac! I guess having a good and a bad brother keeps the balance. 

Like I said earlier, Aubrey Plaza killed it. She will be a badass in any film she is in. I see that she loves roles where she can take control and be herself- OWN IT! She is full of energy and laughter. I love that about her acting. She was the same way in Dirty Grandpa.

 The opening scene before the credits started rolling was a great way to get the film started. The opening sequence was like the 4th of Funny July! I LOVED EVERYTHING about this film! EVERYTHING- so poke your chest out and shake what you got and "hedge all up in that!"