"Nerve" Is Not Electric! {Grade of C}

Did you know that there are some films that are entertaining (meaning fully) & then there are films that are mildly entertaining (meaning not as good or enticing)? This movie falls in that category of "mildly" entertaining. It lacks color and entertainment. Don't get me wrong- the film was good overall. It had a slow and boring start, but ended with a surprising bang.....

The entire concept of the film including the story-line was impeccable. I could tell right off the bat that this was a low-budget film. Both Franco & Roberts played the role well for this to be a teen sci-fi/thriller genre film. The movie was interactive like that of the horror film, Unfriended

Text message screens kept popping up on the movie screen; touch cell phones, etc. That was the concept of the film to keep in close contact the players of the game. To follow the and interact with them just like on social media outlets such as Facebook & Twitter. 

The pivotal role that was played was by Emma Roberts because her role as Vee showed us what it is to be you and not to succumb to social norms and peer pressure and that is exactly what her BFF, Sydney was doing to her. Here is my spin on the lesson one can learn from the film: there are two types of people in the game of Nerve (how it is perceived in the film)- players and watchers: [1} The Players-- these are the power-seekers; thrill-seekers, people who like to live on the edge and be dangerous; love to take risks and be on the wild side. 

[2] The Watchers-- the people who sit by on the sidelines and let their lives pass them by without doing anything adventurous at all; they just live day to day and moment to moment without actually living life to the fullest! 

Here is how I see it (this is my version)- the people who are the watchers can sit but not on the sidelines & live their lives doing what they want and when and how they want to. They do not need to seek anyone's approval for anything. 

They are content living their lives the way that they want and to hell with how other people judge and criticize them. The people who are the players can play but to a certain extent- they do not have to go all out and be dramatic to prove something to a group of people who they don't even know. 

To earn a following is not about what you do-to me, it is how you carry yourself. People will like you for you and NOT for what you are trying to be to gain something from them. You be you. Stay true and good things will come to you!