"Purge 3: Election Year" Just Bites! {Grade of B}

This film was that like the first two Purge films. I WILL NOT give you any spoilers whatsoever about if there will be a sequel-- as badly as I would like to, I will not! I will "torture" you like they do in the movie on their killing sprees!

Frank Grillo is the man in the film. I love his role. The subtitle of the film is the placing pure emphasis on just that: election year. It is all about putting an end to the Annual Purge. Will it get passed or not? I'll never tell. The killing were gory and not brutal like blood splattering all over the place. There are some shocking twists and turns but I will leave you with something that will be funny to you after watching the film and that is one word: candy-bar. 

You will understand after watching the film in its entirety. In conclusion, I feel that the character of Joe was placed in the film for humor and it was not mild; it was and he was WILD. He definitely added the humor to the film amidst all of the chaos and uproar because of the election that was going on to dismantle the purge as I stated earlier. 

I also feel that this film was made to show us that what is going on in the world now is brutal by all the mass killings in Orlando, innocent people getting slain by being in the wrong places ant the wrong times and the upcoming presidential election with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. I feel that this movie was an acronym/template for these subject matters that are getting talked about by officials and it needs to stop. 

I feel that you must dig deep and fully understand that this movie was not all about humor and the killings but the killing that is going on as a nation and we have to recognize that and take back our neighborhoods, our people, our lives, & to take action on what is happening around us!

 Try to make the world a better and safer place for all so people can feel comfortable going places and not feeling threatened everywhere they go and wanting to carry knives and gun and living in fear all of the time.