"Don't Breathe" Never Stays Silent! {Grade of A}

This movie should have been called, "Senses." I say this because the main antagonist aka the blind man booby-trapped his house to compensate for his one sense that he lost. That was the first thing that I figured out while watching the film after the first "brutal encounter."

There were some disgusting twists and turns throughout this entire movie that will make you gag and just open your mouth in utter disbelief! There was one girl in the movie theater that yelled at the screen in the auditorium. Those type of girls make me laugh as if the actors in the film can hear them, but the sad thing is that what they scream out loud is the truth.

 In horror films, if the characters do what is right, the movie would be only ten seconds long. When I first saw the trailer for this film, I was absolutely stunned that I had never heard of this movie on my own- from researching for new upcoming films that I wanted to see. Everything that I saw in the trailer was so brutal & bone-chilling. The film has a good premise but I felt it was a poorly-budgeted AND put-together film. It was just too original. 

Maybe if the movie had better actors and the scenes would have been more intense and action-packed via the facial expressions and the whole vibe of the film. All the scary movements, the blind man securing his territory, the killings, all of it- it makes the film but it was not enough to be a huge success! 

The blind man was funny and deadly lethal in the movie. There is always some humor in scary films- it is always the same- just doing something not that overzealous is hysterical. I can see how the film can be classified as a great horror film because of the shocking images in the film and the creepy way of how the same things keep happening and you never know what is real and what is not. 

In closing- the film was slow in the beginning and by the middle, don't breathe because you will be chilled and then killed.....


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