"Mechanic 2: Resurrection" Fails! {Grade of D}

Jason Statham. Jessica Alba. Enough said, except- pick up the pace- the movie was so ewww. Those two were the only good thing! I hate writing this, but I only vow to speak the truth! The movie sucked!

 I loved how Statham leaped off tall building & jumped into oceans, planes, etc. but it all looked stage (which in acting it is) but it was so low-budget that they could not afford to make it look realistic! Showing action in trailers is one thing, but when you cannot live up to the hype and intensify that in a film in the final product- then you have a real serious problem. 

Something else that I noticed in the film which was very irritating- have you ever watched anything on TV and everything and everyone is moving talking at a somewhat rapid pace and it is no on-point? THIS IS THAT FILM! Maybe something was wrong at the theater I went to with their projection screens. I have no clue- but if it was not my theaters fault- then that is another big reason this film was not a success! 

Putting in slow motion the explosions and collapses, gory kills, high speed car chases, action-packed kills cannot sustain a movie if it is weak and it is lacking the very basic fundamentals to keep the film alive and those fundamentals to me are simple, great performers (who can act), great directors (who are Oscar winners or have a stellar reputation), and greater film editors (people who can make everything be entertaining, fun-filled, and make the movie look believable). These three groups of individuals are what make films. Period! 

Once again, a film with a great premise- but is utterly original. I love Jason & Jessica- but of you make a flop, you make a flop and I have had actors tell me who I have had the pleasure of meeting that they did not enjoy making a certain film or they knew it'd be a flop. 

Now what does that tell you! I loved seeing Statham running, shooting, jumping, and he is that action man, but not in every film can he live up to the hype. Like Jones' character said in the end of the film, "even legends have to die sometime...."