"Suicide Squad" Leaves Its Stain! {Grade of A}

I have NO idea as to how or where to start! Waiting a year to see this movie was well-worth the wait! The way the film first came on and the last "killer" ending were the two most insane parts of the movie to me! They were perfect! The beginning and the ending! I have NEVER in my entire life said that about a movie- ever! Ever! Ever!

I had the chance to see this movie a day before it opened it worldwide and no matter what auditorium I passed by- the hallways were jam-packed with people waiting to see it and it did not matter if it was IMAX 3D, 2D, or 3D. I saw it in IMAX 3D, naturally. Enough of that.... I realize that there was some controversy about Leto's portrayal as The Joker and living up to the hype of Heath Ledger's portrayal as The Joker. 

In my very candid opinion, I felt that Leto acted just as good as the very original Joker, Mr. Nicholson. He was funny, dumb-witted, and just a joker! He was more of like The Joker: A Bling Out Pimp. He MOST DEFINITELY brought the pimp aspect to the role all on his own because we ALL know that NO joker in history ever dressed the way Leto dressed the joker in this film! The only NEGATIVE to this was the fact that Leto did not have enough camera time in the film as the other characters!

Just like Waller said, Harley & The Joker are a perfect match. He is Harley's, "pud" & they run Gotham City. They are the only two characters in the film that really light up the screen to me. Margot Robbie really did an OUTSTANDING job! I give her a standing ovation and never want to sit down. She shared on-screen chemistry opposite Will Smith but of course it was more passion with that of Jared Let seeing as  his character was her lover and the nemesis of Amanda Waller.

The entrance of Amanda Waller was perfect. They introduced her at the right time. Have you ever heard the expression: "timing is everything." It is in this movie. The director had precision and the most accurate timing for everything to happen. It was like a puzzle and all the pieces fit @ THE RIGHT TIME AND FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

Waller was a force not to be reckoned with and Deadshot told her to her face and to the entire team what he though of her. The Top Secret book that she used to tell the back stories of the team was genius! Once she flipped to each person's unique profile- she was the storyteller and then the screen twisted to them and their information appeared in big bright illuminating colors where we could read it (with a rapid overall look that is). The layout of it was like I said- absolutely perfect!

I enjoyed every second of the movie! It is worth seeing in ANY format depending on the time of day and the prices in your local movie area. I felt like all of the characters had a little bit of dumb in them because they all said things that were funny and dumb- but what movie does not have a slight bit of humor? Am I right?

But that Doc Quinn- she takes the cake with fiesty dumb comments and speaking her mind to the boys. I loved every second of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She nailed it and she wanted to do to any guy in the film! Quinn that it and not the actual actress herself! Lol!

All I can say in conclusion is that I loved the movie; I could not get enough of it; I would love to see it again and I knwo that it will look so awesome and EXPLOSIVE on 4K when it hit stores on Blu-Ray! So go get you shot and head to The Suicide Squad!

Awesome! Flawless! Perfect! Stellar!
See It! Best Film of 2016!