"War Dogs" Have No Bark! {Grade of C}

That laugh of Jonah Hill's- hysterical! Every time he laughs in the film- YOU will laugh! Guarantee it! It is like his trademark or something! Seriously! Getting past that & moving on- he made the movie a success. Sure, Teller was his co-star, but to me, Miles was only a bonus feeding off of Hill's comedic performances!

I don't particularly like movies that are evolving to showing the ending first when the film comes on and then rewinding all the way back to the beginning. Strangely, I am getting use to it and am seeing how it makes sense to do them that way, but I like movies that start from the beginning and go forward and not start with the "cryptic" end and rolls backwards until the mystery is solved in the end and then we flash forward three months later and then it goes off. Too much technicality for me. This movie does that.

All that you hear is a voice threatening some one and then the movie begins and you have to watch it for 2 hours before you figure out who that protagonist is. There are some twists and turns in the movie and I feel that this movie was very well-put together, but I did not like it as I anticipated. It had comedy and Jonah Hill is known for that and he and Miles Teller have on-screen chemistry. No doubt about that!

The introduction of Iz was iconic, I felt. She was the antagonist in the film. She was always for what was right. In every film- no matter the genre (I ALWAYS say this); there is always something very valuable to pull away from it. Iz only wanted one thing from her husband played by Teller. She wanted honesty. 

Secrets, hiding, deception, and lying will get you in a world of chaos and trouble every time and that is what is clearly demonstrated in the movie buy several characters- not only one! To say that this was a true story is phenomenal. This is how it really is in today's society if you stop and think about it.

In closing, what will be will be and what happened to the War Dogs was their punishment. One or both may have gotten off with a slap on the wrist; they both had to serve maximum sentences for what they did; one's sentence was worse than the others'. I will not tell, but the final scene with someone- the writer of the film makes you think about what "someone" does or will do. 

Will they go back in that life? Have they learned their lesson? What will they do? What did they do? All of these are very valid questions when you see the closing scene between David & Henry.....what would you choose after being involved in what this movie depicted?