"Blair Witch" Stings {Grade of F}

This film is NOT even worth any of your time- not even money! I did not see the first one, but I am so glad that I did not because if the camera was moving constantly like it was in this one and it sucked, I can sincerely understand why this one was damn bust too! 

I got to see it at an early screening and that is the absolute ONLY reason as to why I saw it! It was 100% FREE! Of course, they show you the best clips/portions in the trailers of course! There were some parts in the movie that can make you shake and jump because some parts catch you off guard no matter how much you are looking at the movie screen & concentrating on it!

 This movie has no bearing on me at all- if this was a sequel, it was a poor one that did not even need to be made! I have nothing more to even write about it! I literally think that this is thee shortest rating I have ever written in a few years on my blog since I began it. The ending sucked just like the film as a whole!

 I hate films that leave you guessing when the credits begin to roll & you think that something is about to happen next & then BAM!


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