Deepwater Horizon Rises From It All! {Grade of A}

Where do I even begin? Out of all the remarkable & epic comments and quotes that people and movie critics have been saying about this absolutely flawless film, I still have no words to describe it. It was emotional, perfect, stellar, the best thrilling true story of this year; nothing can top this! Nothing!!

Seeing this film in IMAX made me really feel the emotions of each and every single character in the movie especially those of Hudson and Wahlberg. When Mike would say "gimme those eyes" to his wife, I saw that as a strong unconditional love and bond that they shared together. That was so touching to me despite what came after that. 

When the film first started off, I saw the Williams' family as the model and perfect family. They might not have had a mansion or fancy cars- but what they had was love and the perfect life. That was what I saw right off the bat from the beginning. This was truly reminding me of Wahlberg's other film that was similar to this, Contraband

He was on a boat in the film, Contraband while he was on an oil rig in this film. I kept seeing some of the similarities while watching this film. I APPLAUD AND PRAISE Mark Walhberg's performance in the film. The scene that touched me the MOST was how he refused to let the character Andrea die. What he did to save her life caught me completely off guard! At the close of the film- when the names were being called for survivors, it reminded me of Titanic. As you can see, I was seeing a lot of movies while watching this one.

All I could do is be on the edge of my theater seat every time that there was an explosion! I can use the terms and phrases: this movie was the bomb; it was killa; explosive; bone-chilling; etc. I am not because this is a film that was based on true events and what these people had to suffer and endure through in order to make it back to their families is NO joke and should not be taken lightly or made fun of. 

I am in awe of this film. It is every bit of what people/critics are saying about it. It inspires. It tests your will & strength; I have never in my lifetime seen a film that has had such a profound effect on me and so many others who have watched it. My heart aches for the men and women who lost their lives because of this explosion. When the explosions were happening in the film, I felt as if I was there- it was so real despite seeing it in IMAX, it was real. It IS real! 

This is a deep movie that will prick at your heart & make a believer out of you if your faith is wavering. Mark Wahlberg should be and will be nominated for his role in this film. He has to be- if he isn't then I have no idea what the Academy is doing. Mark's character did an insurmountable act of bravery in this film and prevailed against all odds- he vowed to see his family again & he was not going to give up and he didn't!

 His role was pivotal! He was brilliant! The film was epic and it will never be forgotten just like the people who lost their lives will never be forgotten!


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