"Masterminds" Loses It All! {Grade of D}

Masterminds? Really, hmm.....to say that this film was based on true events just like War Dogs is a very and extremely difficult concept for me to believe because it was so comical. War Dogs was based on true events just like this film. I suppose that it is simply my way of thinking.

Films that are comical in nature are just that- comical but to to be funny and TRUE. That is what is hard for me to grasp because any story that is based on TRUE events I feel should be serious. But I was not there (when the true events occurred) when any of the films that hit theaters to tell their stories. Enough of my ranting on that concept- to the actual film.

Zach & Kristen really made the film. The focus was on those two- no matter what. Galafanakis is always essential and pivotal in every film because eh delights the audiences with how he portrays "immature & stupid" not to mention brainless behavior! Lol! You cannot help but to laugh uncontrollably at him simply because he is always saying or doing something that is totally out of the box!

With the introduction of Wilson & Sudeikis was just bonuses, really! No one in this film was an actual mastermind. That is what I keep rolling back and fourth in my mind about- how could this be a true story when everyone was acting like idiots? Lol! The film was funny but not grade A 100% top of the line funny! The movie came in 6th place at the Box Office so that should tell you I was right all along.

This film was supposed to come out way last year. I wonder why such a long push-back for? The distributor must have had their reasons, huh? I can't say anymore except three of the ladies in the film were in the female re-make of Ghostbusters. If McCarthy would have been in it, I have no idea if that would have made the film worse or better!

My advice to you wait until this comes out to rent but do not buy it, do not pay to go see it and do not think you will be getting your money's worth because it has a stellar cast of comedians. It is based off of a true story, but that is all that is true about this film. Sorry guys....