"Morgan" Goes Out! {Grade of C}

Morgan. IT is nothing but another movie- what is it called? Oh, yeah- "Splice." That is what I thought about when they referred to Morgan as a she instead of an it. Morgan was the result of a lab experiment to make a hybrid person/animal/lab-rat/whatever else you want to put to it.

Now, I would like to expound into Kate Mara's performance a little bit. Her role was very pivotal to the film simply because she was sent in from Corporate because Morgan had attacked a fellow member of the company and she had to decide whether to terminate Morgan or not because of that encounter. 

When Mara first came on the screen, I was immediately intrigued as to how she carried herself and her mannerisms (trying to not give spoilers here). I began to question her acting capabilities, but as the movie progressed on. I realized WHY she was acting the way that she was & then it all made perfect sense to me & it most definitely will to you as well. On another note, Mara seemed to be a little young to play this character seeing as she seemed like a 16 year old girl saying that she works for a huge corporate company as a corporate consultant.

It was hard to take Lee Weathers' seriously because she would always say that "this is what she does" and yet Morgan overpowered her just as it did with everyone in the lab or who ever came near it. There is a plot twist at the close of the film and it will leave you breathless and it is all in the hands!

The psychiatrist really had it coming to him, but then again they have to test people's limits & also boundaries and monitor them very closely to observe their behaviors in order to get a fuller understanding and comprehension of people, but for something that had no real name, no real life and was always caged in a boxed room and was only 5 years old. What else could he expect from it? A hug? Come on now? Lol!

This was a average film to watch, but I would recommend that you see it during a matinee or if you want to wait to rent it at Red Box. It is not that good where you want to pay full price for it. My estimation, it will be 4th or 5th place at the Box Office Opening Weekend.

Never ever underestimate anything or anyone- that is the lesson to be learned from this film! People can be loving and so trusting- they use that trust to exploit, deceive, and prey on you because it is your weakness. TRUST NO ONE! Love from a far. Don't be in the forest you cannot see the trees simply because you are standing too close to it and don't wanna believe what it really is!