"Snowden" Gets Plowed! {Grade of C}

The movie was NOT that much over the top as many said that it was, but it was lacking the actions seeings as governmental officials were after him. Gordon-Levitt really did a great job at spicing up his voice for this role. That was the first characteristic that I observed when he first spoke because that is not his normal voice.

Woodley came in at the right moment and I really identified with her role because she loved him so much that she gave up her life for his even if it meant living a life on the run. This was an era for change for her character because it was not some thing that she was ever use to. 

Being in love with a man who spied on governmental people for a living and could not literally divulge anything to her for two reasons: it was a part of his job & second, he did not want her to know anything (whether it be huge or tiny) simply for the reason that he did not want to be responsible for any harm if it did come to her.

Edward Snowden believed in honesty and had hardcore values and integrity no matter what happened to him. He had a story to tell and he told it no matter what the consequences were. I and you should have to respect that about him. That is powerful! He had the knowledge and he used it for a major advantage and the only disadvantage was getting caught but people helped him escape and get to a place where he could be free.

This was a movie, but it was a true story so I feel that we have no right to judge it no matter what it lacked in my or any other opinions. It was like a love story. Edward Snowden loved to do the right thing and it transpired to help show millions of Americans what they need to know & hear. His girlfriend, Lindsay had her own views and perspectives on things all politics, but in the end- their LOVE always conquered and it never wavered. That is why I say that this was a great love story.


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