"The Magnificent Seven" Rides Right On Through! {Grade of A}

I have to start off by proclaiming that Washington's performance was: Stellar! Killer! Flawless! Perfect as always! Denzel always delivers! I was not astonished or captivated by his performance because like I said, always delivers! Pow! Wooooowww!

Denzel was "magnificent" as well as his outrageously humorous co-star, Chris Pratt. Pratt added the mild- very mild humor to the film which any film needs no matter the genre...a little dosage of humor is always a good thing! Those two had on-screen magic and it showed!

I was very & highly impressed with the way in which the Director displayed the scenes with such authenticity. It made me feel like I was really there. All of the characters, I could feel what they were feeling and I was overcome with so many different emotions all at once.  

Knowing that I saw this film in a Dolby Theater where the sound was magnified 1,000 x's better than in IMAX- it really places you in the actual movie because the seats vibrate and movie whenever there was a clash or any type of loud explosion! That was an even better bonus!

This was truly a cowboy western film! Truly! The villain of the film played his role just like that of a villain- crude, rude and ready to kill anything or anyone who got in his way and that is what led the entrance of Washington's character into the story.

Emma was seeking revenge on her husband's behalf & she seeked to avenge her husband and her town's brutal massacre no thanks to Bouge and his clan of killers! 

Everyone handles murder and negative things in a variety of ways, but back in these days- seeking revenge on people who brutally killed some one you loved right in your face only meant one thing: returning that same message to them loud and clear. 

When Chisolm cornered Bouge in the church & he threatened to kill him like he killed Emma's husband in cold blood, he wanted to ask for forgiveness, he felt safe in a Church, he tried to persuade Chisolm to not kill him because he was not like him, but that relates to people in today's society. 

People pray to God and ask for forgiveness when it is too late & when people have an agenda because they have been hurt and the only difference between then and now is this: we can choose the right path and let God lead us to peace & forgiveness or we can ignore God's plan he has laid out for us and take matters in our own hands and lose our souls in the process for going off and taking matters into our own hands.

Remember that we may not like the punishment that is placed on people who have hurt us, but what we can like and find comfort in is that we have not changed who we are along the way. Those incidents can mold us in any way that WE choose to let them affect us. As long as we have God- righteousness will come-- the way it was meant to....