"When The Bough Breaks" Latches On For Survival {Grade of B}

Talk about dangerous seduction taking a turn! First off, I have to say that I did not like the ending. The ending matched that of a good novel- you know how you want to keep reading when you get to the end and they just leave you with something that keeps you wondering.....

Sinclair did a great job at portraying the typical role 
of a girl dangerously obsessed with a man that she cannot have. Her character started out an a scared and timid little girl & then grew up in to a full-fledged adult with killer instincts in a heartbeat! They way that Anna was throwing herself all around John had all of us in the theater laughing and just talking out loud to ourselves and the screen. She was a natural at doing that. Lol!

Both John & Laura only had one last shot at becoming parents so they were just as lethal as the deadly Anna to get their baby. Anna had a huge secret that gets revealed. Laura was the gullible type who let Anna have her way because she was making her a mother, but then when Anna had her manic episode, it was on for Laura!

I hate when the actors have to do dumb things to make the movie longer because if they react immediately the way that anyone is supposed to- movies like this and other thrillers and horror films would be no more than 20 minutes long- if that but when they see Laura at the close of the film lunging at them and they are taking their sweet time getting to get rid of her, "what the hell?" I mean, wouldn't you talk to the screen and yell to Laura some thing! Moments in movies like that make my nerves bad! Lol! I am on the edge of my seat like going stir-crazy! But the chase of it all, I loved!

Morris & Hall had on-screen chemistry! They were VERY believable especially that of Hall! She was VERY AND HIGH determine to get what was hers despite the fact that by the law (which is stupid) the baby that Anna was carrying was hers until she legally hands him/her over to the Taylors'. The movie was great, the actors were stellar, over all it was killa good fun! I enjoyed seeing it! Morris Chestnut really plays the protector role very good. He had the most pivotal role in the film because he had the power to control all of the situations that arose when you think about it.

The film just goes to show you that no matter who helps give you a gift, it will come at some sort of a cost, but you will have to fight to take what is yours and knwo that everything will be OK as long as you have each other like David and Laura did. Do you think they will get their baby? Did Anna kill him or her?