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"Keeping Up w/The Joneses" Is Not That Hard {Grade of A}

You've gotta be pretty fast and super intelligent to keep up with The Joneses- that's for sure! Gadot & Hamm were sensational together just as Fisher & Galafanakis were. 

When all four of them shared scenes- they all really had on-screen magic! You can feel it! You can see it! I have been waiting for this movie for a long while now and it was so worth the wait! I loved every minute of the film. From the opening titles until the ending titles. 

The way the film came on was CIA Intel appropriate & the song that was playing when the movie was over was centered around Galafanakis' character mainly but both couples wound up befriending each other in the end. 

I really did not like it way that it ended. It was not a bad ending but I wanted it to involve all four of them together and you will understand what I am trying to say once you watch the film because I do not want to give anything away.

 Sure this was a comedy film but the character that I really connected to was …

"Boo! A Madea Halloween" Is Halloween Humor! {Grade of B}

Of course this was a comical film, but there was a really serious message that relayed by Madea & her posse of elderly drug & sexually explicit accomplices! The MOSTVITAL and CRUCIAL fact was that Brian's daughter, Tiffany was a disrespectful thorn in his and eventually Madea's side. 

I am not trying to be racist at all, but I feel that African American parents parent and teach their kids in a stricter way than that of other races. What the character of Madea was exhibiting about how to raise and teach kids was dead on and on-point! There were not a lot of well-known actors in the film, but it was very comical with Tyler Perry & Cassi Davis. The older lady, Ms. Hattie was a total sexual riot! That old lady was crazy. The actress who portrayed Hattie should win an Emmy Award. 

She had me cracking up laughing!!! I loved the ghostly mirror writing on the mirror with Bam. But the parts that I appreciated and respected more than anything was the fact that Madea stood her …

"Ouija: Origin of Evil" Gets Haunted 10x Faster! {Grade of A}

Superior Paranormal by Stephen Erkintalo & Travis White
The movie was mediocre- NOT all the hype that it was leading up to, at least, to me. I sincerely felt like I was watching "The Conjuring" or every single demonic possession film that has ever been done! The film was very intense towards the middle once Doris got possessed. I am not a paranormal investigator, but from what I see in films such as these- if this is what people really find and investigate, I give them my full support and applause!

 I have never played with a Ouija board but are there rules to it like it was presented in this film? It took quite a bit for the good aka the scary stuff to begin. The little actress who portrayed the role of Doris displayed an extremely believable performance of someone being possessed- she had the look, the voice(s), the whole 9!

 I was highly impressed with LuLu Wilson's acting capabilities! It was hard …

"The Accountant" Can Murder Those W-2 Forms! {Grade of A}

Ben Affleck gave one killer performance! He was amazing and flawless! I have never seen him tackle a role like he did in this one. I called him- the Assassinating Accountant! 

He lived two lives combined into one. One being an accountant and the other being a "killer accountant." The second life as the "killer" account I mean he slaughtered those numbers & anyone who deserved to be murdered who got in his way or deserved to be murdered. It was like he was his own unique brand of Clark Kent with the glasses and pocket protector. And when they came off- WATCH OUT! 

The introduction of Dana was a great role to incorporate in the film because she had to be the one being targeted and rescued due to Christian's findings and what a client hired him to ind for them, but it came at a price- Dana's life. 

The killings were brutal- some were mildly gory and went by rapidly and not slowly so they did not gross me out as some films prolong the gore and it does freak me…