"Boo! A Madea Halloween" Is Halloween Humor! {Grade of B}

Of course this was a comical film, but there was a really serious message that relayed by Madea & her posse of elderly drug & sexually explicit accomplices! The MOST VITAL and CRUCIAL fact was that Brian's daughter, Tiffany was a disrespectful thorn in his and eventually Madea's side. 

I am not trying to be racist at all, but I feel that African American parents parent and teach their kids in a stricter way than that of other races. What the character of Madea was exhibiting about how to raise and teach kids was dead on and on-point! There were not a lot of well-known actors in the film, but it was very comical with Tyler Perry & Cassi Davis. The older lady, Ms. Hattie was a total sexual riot! That old lady was crazy. The actress who portrayed Hattie should win an Emmy Award. 

She had me cracking up laughing!!! I loved the ghostly mirror writing on the mirror with Bam. But the parts that I appreciated and respected more than anything was the fact that Madea stood her ground with Tiffany and everyone and taught them a REAL lesson about the REAL world and the dangers of what can happen when a child defies their parents and they have to fix something that the child did when they should have known better not to do it in the first place! 

The opening sequence to the film was great and the Frat Boys were awesome as well! The movie was funny and real at  the same time and the "boo" portion in the title I feel was for the funny & scary aspects of the film and the "Madea Halloween" was just a lesson on life and how to know that this is the real world we live in with REAL consequences to the choices that we make! 

That is why parents are here like she says- to guide us on the right path and not to run our lives, but to keep us living on the right side of the tracks! Happy Halloween!