"Ouija: Origin of Evil" Gets Haunted 10x Faster! {Grade of A}


The movie was mediocre- NOT all the hype that it was leading up to, at least, to me. I sincerely felt like I was watching "The Conjuring" or every single demonic possession film that has ever been done! The film was very intense towards the middle once Doris got possessed. I am not a paranormal investigator, but from what I see in films such as these- if this is what people really find and investigate, I give them my full support and applause!

 I have never played with a Ouija board but are there rules to it like it was presented in this film? It took quite a bit for the good aka the scary stuff to begin. The little actress who portrayed the role of Doris displayed an extremely believable performance of someone being possessed- she had the look, the voice(s), the whole 9!

 I was highly impressed with LuLu Wilson's acting capabilities! It was hard to see this as an actual sequel because no events or flashbacks from the first film whatsoever- this film was very cliche just like all the other films in this specific genre....it was an average film. Nothing to get too excited about. The film should have been longer. It was rather short to me, but in the entire movie time, I was intrigued; I felt that it could go a bit deeper.

The film has creepy noises that can catch you off guard, and I will not tell you the ending as I do not do that anyways nor do I give spoilers in any of my reviews. My best friend, Stephen is someone who will REALLY show you what the paranormal really is and if you click the link above- you will see and hear for yourself how it REALLY should be!

 I was  very impressed that the concept of the Ouija Board was still the focus of the film and that the movie did not just rely solely on contacting the dead without the board seeing the name of the film. The end of the film might not shock you but from the ending- there will be another....possibly...

But, do remember that the Facebook page posted above is that of a "superior" paranormal investigator and he has all the answers if you wish to know anything- he is a RELIABLE source that I have the utmost confidence in! I will support him 100% in all of his investigations no matter how he conducts them! Hope that you had a spooky time reading this rating!