"The Accountant" Can Murder Those W-2 Forms! {Grade of A}

Ben Affleck gave one killer performance! He was amazing and flawless! I have never seen him tackle a role like he did in this one. I called him- the Assassinating Accountant! 

He lived two lives combined into one. One being an accountant and the other being a "killer accountant." The second life as the "killer" account I mean he slaughtered those numbers & anyone who deserved to be murdered who got in his way or deserved to be murdered. It was like he was his own unique brand of Clark Kent with the glasses and pocket protector. And when they came off- WATCH OUT! 

The introduction of Dana was a great role to incorporate in the film because she had to be the one being targeted and rescued due to Christian's findings and what a client hired him to ind for them, but it came at a price- Dana's life. 

The killings were brutal- some were mildly gory and went by rapidly and not slowly so they did not gross me out as some films prolong the gore and it does freak me out just a tad. This film was like Christian's character- moving fast and covering his tracks! 

Another essential part to the role of Dana is that I felt Kendrick added her own brand of flavor of the film by adding some humor. Yes, she was in a bad and volatile situation, but she made the most of it and survived on her own with very little help from Christian. She was a fighter! In all movies today, no matter the genre, when an actor looks a certain way by making a silly face or if some thing happens, the character says or does something to make the entire audience chuckle or laugh- that is what Kendrick and Affleck did in the movie. 

These two had the magic! They shined just as the film did. The film started as a mystery & it is revealed towards the middle of it. Once again: I cannot stand movies that start with the ending and play it backwards! That is a pet peeve of mine- dearly! There are TWO MAJOR twists that are connected to Christian's character- you may figure it out BEFORE it happens- you might not, but I will never tell! Wolff acted like a robot for the entire film like a Terminator. 

Flashbacks are shown to help you understand why he behaves the way that he does. In conclusion, the film was the best film of 2016 and Ben will get nominated again at the Oscars because he deserves it and if not, he will bring out his "inner accountant" on The Academy! POW!


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