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"Almost Christmas" Is Right On Time {Grade of A}

Mo'Nique, Glover, & Smoove really made the film TWO things- one, they made it REAL and secondly, entertaining. What is a little family drama without some humor also! Lol! This IS the opposite of  2007's "This Christmas" in the way that in that movie there was drama, but it was minimal whereas in this film, it was more hardcore and family-centered: it was a deep rooted issue between the kids especially those of Cheryl & Rachel. 

I am getting hyped up just thinking about the movie and I saw it already! Mo'Nique set the film off right! Everything that she said was priceless! I admired how the movie began with the mother and father and showed as the years flashed on by telling their love story, the tin can of recipes, and how the mother was the best mother in their eyes and it brought a tear to my eye when she died and the film really never even started yet. 

Watching the film was like reading a novel or a fairy tale because it was told like that with a breakdo…

"Hacksaw Ridge" Dominates! {Grade of A}

Such an insurmountable array of emotions that are felt throughout the entire film! I am still overcome with emotions, both raw and gentle over this film. The term, "speechless" cannot describe the movie. There is NO word in the dictionary to describe how this film is portrayed. No word does it justice! None!

I never thought that any film could take the place of one of my best films....until NOW! This film; is when people ask me what film is my absolute favorite, I will have to say this one! I do not see that many war movies- but this one is incredible. There is no word that means "the highest degree" of pure perfection in regards to how stellar and flawless this film is! I could go on 24/7 complimenting the movie. 

It was so much more than about fighting in a war, honor, duty, or bravery. It went on a much more deeper and spiritual level to me, in my candid opinion. Doss was a man of God who wanted to serve in a way that no one else cared to ever could nor would even…