"Almost Christmas" Is Right On Time {Grade of A}

Mo'Nique, Glover, & Smoove really made the film TWO things- one, they made it REAL and secondly, entertaining. What is a little family drama without some humor also! Lol! This IS the opposite of  2007's "This Christmas" in the way that in that movie there was drama, but it was minimal whereas in this film, it was more hardcore and family-centered: it was a deep rooted issue between the kids especially those of Cheryl & Rachel. 

I am getting hyped up just thinking about the movie and I saw it already! Mo'Nique set the film off right! Everything that she said was priceless! I admired how the movie began with the mother and father and showed as the years flashed on by telling their love story, the tin can of recipes, and how the mother was the best mother in their eyes and it brought a tear to my eye when she died and the film really never even started yet. 

Watching the film was like reading a novel or a fairy tale because it was told like that with a breakdown of what transpired on the 5 days before Christmas Day. I loved that aspect of it. This was truly a holiday movie to watch with your family! It has that vibe and all the concepts families NEED to see- love, forgiveness, peace, joy, humor, drama. 

Kimberly Elise took the lead as the big sister and she CLAIMED IT by her fierceness & strong-willed personality! No family is perfect, but they can adapt to each other's faults and know that they will always be there no matter what. That is the lesson to be attained and Elise and Union displayed that beautifully. 

One of my favorite parts in the film was when Walter tried to make the Sweet Potato Pie without his wife's recipe and him making it on his own was very comical. Did he ever get it right? When the family was dancing that was another funny moment- funny like I said (the humor aspect) and real (because they were putting their animosity aside). There are times in the film, you think that the family is getting along and then BAM- a disagreement breaks out!

 But that happens with almost every family in real life! This film is what I am thankful for Thanksgiving and it is a great Christmas gift because it has humor, love, light, togetherness, and happiness. Everything Christmas is all about. 

The character of Evan had a pivotal role in the film seeing as he was the youngest child and as people always say,"the baby of the family" is spoiled.  Malco played a good role as well- he showed that sometimes in order to get what you want- u have to let go whether you get a nudge from your parents or not. 

Never change who you are or what you stand for in order to achieve success! He forgot why he was spending Christmas at his home with his family He was glued to a speech or a blackberry. Lol! Evan was spoiled- but with his mother's grace and love! Parker looked splendid and those kids of hers posting all over the internet was so cute; the faces they made and everything! They were angels! The dinner scene was another GREAT scene. 

Lonnie really knows how to make something plan and ordinary sparkle and he can become the "center" of attention in an instant! Lol! Rachel's daughter was her the mother- but everything she was telling her is what she had and needed to hear.

 REMEMBER: It always takes a something bad or horrible to happen in order to bring people together, but the majority of the time, the bad does not need to happen if the families can pull together and resolve their differences on their own. It is ALWAYS POSSIBLE

In closing, I laughed, I teared up a bit, I was grateful for the film and for the all-star cast who gave us all star realness, love, and a movie that will always leave us thinking this question: "Do we have to get along because we are family or we WILL get along. Period!" (the above picture suits this paragraph because what Rachel did to Cheryl is a lesson learned- realizing your mistakes means you are capable of change).