"Hacksaw Ridge" Dominates! {Grade of A}

Such an insurmountable array of emotions that are felt throughout the entire film! I am still overcome with emotions, both raw and gentle over this film. The term, "speechless" cannot describe the movie. There is NO word in the dictionary to describe how this film is portrayed. No word does it justice! None!

I never thought that any film could take the place of one of my best films....until NOW! This film; is when people ask me what film is my absolute favorite, I will have to say this one! I do not see that many war movies- but this one is incredible. There is no word that means "the highest degree" of pure perfection in regards to how stellar and flawless this film is! I could go on 24/7 complimenting the movie. 

It was so much more than about fighting in a war, honor, duty, or bravery. It went on a much more deeper and spiritual level to me, in my candid opinion. Doss was a man of God who wanted to serve in a way that no one else cared to ever could nor would even- after an altercation with his father it was at that precise moment he realized that he would no longer be violent or want to touch a weapon of any sorts. 

To anyone- that sounds so "out of the norm" and insane especially if you are going to be fighting or being any place in a war. The concept that sticks in my mind is that everyone bullied and teased him for his high morals/values; what he stood firm on--he NEVER waived- his will and faith were tested and he prayed to God with all his might and he prevailed but he had to endure so many obstacles and severe hardships in order to get the respect that was NOT earned (he did not have to work for it b/c he was being himself and people had to accept it), but due to him. 

That is how it is in today's society. People have to go through so much to get respect and to be treated with the dignity that they deserve and it is just so unfair. 

Anyone, especially people who bully and are called a "hardass" should watch this film (even though EVERYONE should see this remarkable film!) because it will prick at your heart just as it did Doss' main adversary, Smitty. 

Smitty did everything to tear him down and to force him to give up, but he did not. People should NOT allow others to provoke you or turn you into something that you are not, but you still need to protect yourselves and defend what you stand strong to believe in without violence either. Just like Desmond's mom told him about his father: his father hated himself and was taking it out on his family. He loves his family and not himself. Killing and violence is never the answer to anything in life. Never!

I wish that Doss' wife would have been shown more throughout the film.  Her and his brother. Those two characters should have been expounded on a tad bit more, I felt. At least show them in flashbacks of them getting married or thinking about each other while Doss was saving people in the war; etc. Her role was very pivotal because she was his all; his everything- She was his focal point when the film first came on and how they met was so adorable and cute. It was to be captured. The kind of unconditional love that those two shared for each other. It was truly "a fairy tale love."

The introduction of Vince Vaughn was not essential, but it was still needed because his character was only serious when his superiors was around and his role was a bit foolish- but, as I always say, adding a slight mixture of humor in any type of a genre of film is a plus- never a negative. His nicknames (will not divulge any nicknames- you will be surprised) for the soldiers were hilarious! He was merely a bonus to the film to add some slight and easy humor amidst all of the war, killing and brutal circumstances everyone, Doss included had to endure.

In closing, you MUST stay for the true account from Desmond Doss after the film and the one thing that I can still hear ringing in my head over and over again is, "one more, please God let me save one more!" That is the ONE most single sentence in the film that sticks at you and will prick your heart! What impressed me the most which I stated earlier in my review of the film is the fact that Desmond stood firm to what he believed in and everyone came around and saw that he was an exemplary medic at his core and they bowed down to him and everyone apologized on their very own for doubting him and seeing him as something that he was not. It is one of the highlights in the film.

 It made me feel good for him! I felt the humbleness and sincerity from the people that were scolding and mocking him for what he believed in. It is amazing when people can really be men when it counts and admit that they are wrong and look you in the eye and apologize and beg for forgiveness. That is being a human being. A man. A humble and honorable soldier worth going to combat for knowing that there is mutual respect and no animosity.

The relationship that Doss had with his father was strained and he never could depend on his father to do anything for him and his brother and the one time that Desmond Doss needed help from God, his girlfriend, and especially his father- all THREE came and gave him the gift that he wanted and that was another moment in the film that I felt so overcome with such a great feeling of faith, love, joy, happiness- so many wonderful emotions!