"Why Him?" Is A Great Question! {Grade of A}

Whoa! This is the most spectacular movie that I have seen in 2016! Very and highly crude, rude, and on as Laird says, "on motherf****n point dude! Lol! The character of Laird was very edgy &a good girl being in love with a person who has "no filter" as Stephanie described him was 100% accurate. The way that Franco behaved would scare off any parent and would want their daughter away from someone who behaves so freely and expresses himself in the most unorthodox way.

Now, onto the flip side of that- once the couple's daughter moves out of the house and starts a life of her very own- she still wants her parents to get to know who she is dating but can also have reservations about when, where, why, and especially how to tell them if she knows if they would approve or not......and this is what we call, Laird.

This movie was hilarious from start to finish and some of the things that I witnessed and heard throughout the film was hysterical and I will not divulge any of that to you because I want you to laugh and wet in your pants in laughter when you witness it for yourself! As the film progresses, you can CLEARLY see why any parent would say the title of the film to their daughter: "Why Him?" Lol!

Everyone had on-screen magic and chemistry! The film was about the holidays, but it was also realizing that just because some one does things in an unorthodox manner, they are still coming from a solid and good place and feel justified in doing it. You have to look past that & see the one very crucial element in the entire scenario and that is- if a makes a parents' daughter happy & she loves him- they might not like it, but they have to accept it and allow her to live her life and realize that they have taught and raised her with the right tools to make decisions that she can live with for the rest of her life and let her live her own life and make her path and not the path that the parents want to make for her. 

In conclusion, the movie rocks! It is hardcore fun! It is not all Christmas-sey as you would expect it to be but the holiday message is there, for sure! You can't miss it with all the tats on Laird, but I will drop this on you....DDD stand for double-d*****g d**e! The best line in the movie and Stephanie's little brother will crack you the hell up dude! Every scene is funny and they only get funnier and funnier! OMG! I cannot stop writing about this movie because it was that good! I got a chance to see it early at a pre-screening and seeing it a month early was my Christmas gift so thanks Megan, Zoey, Bryan, and esp. James for making the best film of 2016! Why him? Because he's the best, f**k! Lol!