"Collateral Beauty" Is A Masterpiece! {Grade of A}

I do not even know where to begin! How about the beginning- by that, I mean the opening titles of the film. The way that the film came on was magnificent, calm, peaceful, and then it all went spiraling downhill due to Howard's daughter's death hence the dominoes. That was the symbolism that I received from that opening scene. It was crucial to the film in the sense that it set the tone of the film as to why Howard "shut down" and his three closest friends tried to help him be vibrant and re-join the living again.

There was a very unique situation that you will realize after the entrance of Amy comes into "play." When you see the trailer for the film- you think....and then when you watch the film....you're like, "Whoa! I didn't expect that!" Talking about Death aka Helen Mirren- she was a character (I mean entertaining). She told jokes and cracked me up! Trust me!

Talking about Love aka Kiera Knightley- she was the perfect person to portray this element in Howard's life. She had the loving smile, the loving laugh, the loving manner in which she cares about people, she is love. Period! I loved her role in the film & how she was introduced to the audience. She has that calm & nurturing soul!

Talking about Time- Jacob Latimore was comical a tad bit like Mirren was. But his role was what Howard to confront the most because TIME is what was stolen from Howard because it was too soon for his daughter to be taken away from him by Death. By him confronting that- he started to heal.....

Without giving too much away- this film pricks @ your heart and touches you. It is a Christmas miracle! I actually teared up a little. I will always admire how Howard's friends wanted him to not give up on life & they fought to bring him back from that dark place that he was living in. They never gave up on him, but just as you think that there are is one Death....one Time....and one Love. There are two....you will understand it at the close of the film. Again, trust me!

Finding your "collateral beauty" is appreciating all three of the elements that Howard was upset and had given up on. Just because death takes someone away from you- it is for a reason; for you to love again and NOT waste any time being upset. To mourn? Yes. Give up on love and spending time with some one or something good? Never!

In closing, the character of Madeleine was essential and there a shocking reveal about her that you may or may not see coming and how it was written in the film is- beautiful! Simply beautiful like her role in the film and the actress, as well. Great job to the cast and the Director! This is one of my favorite films of 2016! I look forward to buying the Blu-Ray when it comes out! I am in love with this heart-warming film filled with second chances, love, beauty, and an admiration for life and living it to the fullest!


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