"Fences" Knocks Down All Barriers! {Grade of A}

Denzel Washington & Viola Davis- they both gave colossal and flawless, powerful, and stellar performances! You could tell that the film was mainly centered around Washington, but the acting of Davis was making me feel her pain, her joy, her everything. She gave her all in the movie. She is always overlooked at the Oscars- she should not for this role!

What I could grasp from the film was that even though Troy faced many hardships and extreme challenges in life he tried to make the most out of every situation and Rose was always there right by his side through it all like she proclaimed in her solo speech scene (she has many of them where she shines on that alone).

Troy had to climb so many "fences" in order to make ends meet, made scarifies for his family & even though Rose and his kids did not agree with him on his methods- he still stuck to what his family and especially his kids needed to know- what he EMPHASIZED- and that was realism. He ALWAYS kept it real with his children and his wife except when he had to confront a sin that hurt his wife to her core, but she still stuck with him. ROSE WAS A BETTER THAN GOOD WOMAN TO ENDURE WHAT TROY HAD DID TO HER.

While watching this movie; particular the scene with Troy's son Lyons- it made me think of my own family and people in general also (does not even need to be family; could be just friends) because he would always come to see his Pop on payday to get money from him because he refused to go out into the world a get a job. Some people in the world today only come around people who are doing good or better than good because they know what to and what not to do with their money and do not spend it foolishly. 

Those people are called opportunists who seek to milk someone dry rather than make their own money. Those types of people are not your friends and if it is your own family- you have to let them know and get it straight with them! Show tough love! You can't let people mistake your kindness for weakness. Lyons was picky at what he wanted to do. His other son, Cory wanted to get into sports and suggested his dad buy a television that cost $200-

Troy asked him what would you do with $200 if you had it, fix the roof or buy a television. Troy did not want Cory to have him as a safety net. He wanted him to go out into the real world & face the challenges the right way and not the illegal and criminal way. Troy did not want Cory to have to have his father's life and be like him, but like Rose told him at the close of the film- his father loved him in his own way and did not want him to turn out like he did but at the same time, wanted him to have his strength. 

In closing, Cory did not see Troy as a father-figure but more an a threat or an obstacle and he let that cloud his feeling for his father...his last words to his father was his last words and he never got a chance to say goodbye to his dad on a good note and he would have to live with that for the remainder of his life. I say that to relay this message- don't burn the bridges that you may have to cross again. 

You never know what lies ahead for you. Things are and can be perfect, but people aren't. You just have to love them and accept them for who they are. Just like crossing bridges- you have to jump and leap over fences- some may be easy and some may be difficult, but it's all in how you choose to get over the hurdles that are placed in front of you.