"La La Land" Speaks Volumes! {Grade of B}

All I can hear is the song that Ryan Gosling was playing on the piano in my head from the moment I saw the very first trailer until now since I have seen the film early at a test screening: "City of Stars."

It is so easy to comprehend why the film is entitled the way that it is because it is like a fairy tale- but sort of. Without going into too much into detail because I not want to spoil it for any of you who plan on seeing it. I will try to divulge pieces of what I feel you should know without ruining any portion of the film....

Both characters- Sebastian and Mia were living in La La Land because they felt neither one of their respective aspirations would not come to pass. We see them in the film aiming to reach their goals, but do YOU think that they will they fulfill them? While both characters have the magic and stars in their eyes about what they want, there is one character that stays on course, but deviates for a little bit while the other just deviates. Can you guess who? And who out of the two?!?! Lol! Well, I'm not telling! Ha!

The film started off kind of slow, but then it picked up! The opening sequence to the film was stellar, magical, and just on-point! I loved it! I can see how this film is getting rave reviews and awesome nominations. Both Stone and Gosling did an outstanding job! I felt as if I was right there with them (not on stage), but in the audience watching them perform live. They made it so captivating and illuminating! The songs, the moves, the dances!

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling had the magic- that is for sure! I loved the fact that the movie exhibited the vital message that people have been telling everyone since the beginning of time and that is to go and chase after your dreams no matter the costs! If you have a niche and passion for something- don't stop until you succeed at it!

The end of the film is not predictable...or is it? I loved how the end played out, but will you is the question? I loved how the movie pulls you into their world & makes you feel the emotions that they are feeling. This was a great musical and the closing MATCHED the opening....you will agree once you see it! Just magnificent! So get those shoes on and keep on dancing until you find your thrill in life! It may be the City of Stars-- but its also the City of Opportunities!