"Passengers" Flies High! {Grade of A}

Aurora was like something from out of this world to Jim. She was like his soulmate- a vision of loveliness; the perfect angel; just someone just so perfect that needed to be awakened. That is how Jim saw Lawrence's character in the film. I had to get this out of the way before I got into my rating of the film in its entirety.

Lawrence & Pratt had definite on-screen chemistry- that is for certain. I felt all of the emotions that they both were displaying to the audience! No movie would not be complete without Pratt adding a little of his hysterical jokes and humor to it even in a tragic situation as they faced on the ship.

The movie was more than a Science Fiction film- it was more of a love story about two passengers who were both alone in their own unique way and found each other even though the circumstances were completely different, but when Aurora stopped to realize why she was awakened- that is when she knew she could create her own life; her own destiny and live it to the fullest and with Jim.

I thought the film was very well directed and well-written. The characters were all pivotal to the plot and were needed in executing the climax of the film. There is symbolism portrayed by both Jim & Aurora and that is even in space where you may feel alone, you are never along once you truly realize that there is some one or something out there in the universe that can sustain you and keep you grounded. 

That is what Jim saw in Aurora and what she saw in Jim was that you have to make the best out of any situation that comes your way. You can create your path with whomever you choose that ONE passenger to be. Invite them to come along & take that journey with you for years and years!

-Merry Christmas Everyone! This is the last film I will have seen in 2016!-