Travis' Top Ten of 2016...

Hiya ALL Of My Loyal Readers-

I am never aware of who follows/reads/posts on my blog on a regular basis, but I monitor the activity and try to post WEEKLY because I am a real lover of movies. For any of you who did check week to week and missed my posts, I applaud you and I appreciate EVERYONE who even visits & reads from time to time. I created this blog to rate movies in my own way - as in myself and not like the critics.  Their critiques on films are so harshly and such. So EVERY year on December 31st, I rate movies from 10 BEING THE BEST...all the way to 1 BEING THE ABSOLUTE here we go.....

#10: "Deadpool"

#9: "Now You See Me II: The 2nd Act

#8: "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

#7: "The Conjuring II"

#6: "Miracles From Heaven"

#5: "Deepwater Horizon"

#4: "Bad Moms"

#3: "Collateral Beauty"

#2: "Suicide Squad"

THEE #1 Movie of 2016: "Why Him"

Look forward to the new re-designed postings for the new year of 2017! I hope you will like the new set up. Love you all! Thank you for your support, visits, & comments! I keep track of it all! Xo!