"Hidden Figures" → Soars & Sky Rockets!

Film Synopsis: A story of three African- American women (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, & Janelle Monae) mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the space program. 

Each of the three actresses in the film shined in their own unique and identifying way. First we have Katherine played by Henson: she really got into character when she "spoke her mind" about what needed to be voiced!" You will "feel" it and praise it when you see it! That is all I'm saying on that! 

She was a stone-cold assassin with those numbers! I was in amazement that a story like this; especially this true story; centered on such an intelligent African-American woman. So serious! I was honored
that this story and her life was brought to the big screen and to society as a whole.

Dorothy portrayed by Spencer: she was the type of person who brought the flare and pizzazz to the film. Dorothy spoke her mind for what she strongly and fiercely believed in, although there were hardships that she faced along the way, she never lost sight of who she was or what lifelong lessons that she instilled in her children either. 

Her role was pivotal to me because I felt that she was the "glue" that held herself, Katherine, & Mary together as a team b/c if one of the 2 (excluding herself )got into trouble or needed advisement. She was the one to set them right on course. Dorothy was ALWAYS looking out for their and everyone's best interests. What I admired THEE MOST about Dorothy was that she embodied the phrase: "it's not what you say, but it's the way you say it."

Mary, who is played by Monae: she was the type of person who stepped it up a notch higher than Dorothy and kept speaking her mind and not holding anything in. I liked her role! But there is a time and place to act that way, she just could not differentiate how and when to exhibit that type of behavior.

She wanted to be a mechanical engineer and she was stopped at every turn by NASA & was forbid to take classes in an all-white school in order to qualify.

Mary Jackson had some humor like the other two ladies and it was needed whenever Katherine was too shy to say or do something that she & Dorothy felt she should do and knew it would benefit her for the better.

In closing, all three ladies had firsts in the close of the film. They each had to struggle and work even harder to prove that they were worthy for equality and the same rights as the whites. This movie was about race from start until the very end. 

It was very hard to watch & to see how it was back in those days and I have to say that even today- we still deal with these issues as portrayed in the film, but we have a handle on it. There are "hidden prejudices" just like there were "hidden figures." Remember that! Make the right choice to stand up and be that person to stay on the straight and narrow path of righteousness!

There was something an actor (in character) said in an older film("Something New") that I admire that suits this movie: he stated, "it's your preference to be prejudice." 

To me, that simply means you CHOOSE to be that way- you don't have to be. The world is full of choices; you just have to make the right ones. The ones you can KNOW with a strong assurance are right & that you can live with. 

There are still"hidden prejudices" amidst all of society. This was a great film and was greatly directed and everyone gets an Oscar in my candid opinion. There is never a dull moment. It is filled with truth, love, endurance, hardship, love, and most importantly,it is filled with success!