"Patriots Day" → Something That Imprints On You!

Film Synopsis: The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing & the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible. 

I have no idea where to start. Especially when I see movies like this! I can admire and respect films like this because they are solely based on true events that really happened, but to actually see it on a big screen makes me feel the emotions of every one in an instant. An instant!

Wahlberg really made me feel his emotions as he did his voice-over scene at the close of the movie and when he captured the screen to me was when he arrived home after the explosion to everyone in his house and cried his heart out to his wife about what he saw and how he asked her to come and meet him. He was overcome with so many emotions.

I was as well! Mark Wahlberg is "a patriot." He is a role model to so many people. There is a reason he signs on to do films like this & Deepwater Horizon

Mark Wahlberg wants America to know that he's very much aware of how much people are suffering and cannot let go of the hurt and death that is TRYING to defeat our nation. Like he said in closing of the film, LOVE conquers all- and not death. It's so true. He is so true about that! So extremely VERY and HIGHLY true!

The natural disasters that happen all over the world, the Paris bombings, what happened in Orlando; all of that was shown in the post-scene credits and it brought back flooded memories of what I saw and heard on the news and in social media about these attacks. It was brutal. This was an epic film with real-life tragic events, but REAL events that actually happened to people. 

I will not say that I enjoyed watching what I saw- but I respected it. I'm forever grateful to the people who lost limbs instead of lives.

And they never allowed that to stop them from jogging, walking, running, exercising, etc. No matter what limbs they lost because of cowards that wanted to prove that they were superior but in actuality they were inferior- they lacked the characteristics to be US citizen and to make the country greater and not try to demolish it with tier foolish acts.

That take more courage than anything to re-invent yourself and go back into the world to feel whole again and to know you got back what you lost.

The film had its funny moments where a character said something that was funny, but I strongly believe that it was necessary because there were 2 hours and 19 minutes of tragedy.

Therefore, there is approximately 35 minutes of the entire film where cracking a smile if you combine the small clips of funny scenes is crucial (that were not long at all). In closing- all the people who were injured survived and I am grateful for that. And to the few that lost their lives especially the 8-year old boy....

I was in tears- just in tears. The movie really pricks at your heart. Stay for the post-credits scenes; it will make you tear up, but you will be crying for the survivors and more so for the families of the people who did not make it that need support more than ever.