"Split" → Has Minimal Cracks!

Film Synopsis: Three girls are kidnapped by a man (James McAvoy) with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities; they must try to escape before the apparent emergent of a frightful new 24th.

I will start off by stating the VERY obvious...the trailer was phenomenal & I was intrigued by the storytelling concept of the film as well as the overall story-line. When the film came on, it set the tone and everything was going great until the movie started to get deeper and deeper into Kevin's mind and all the other personalities and why he made them up. 

I was not expecting a horror film, but the trailer made it look as if some sort of horror would be in the film which it wasn't until the very END of the film & it was very mediocre horror- not what I

was expecting. 

-------------SPLIT (PAGE BREAK)-------------Lol

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and I have to say this- that I am shocked that this film beat out XXX: Return of Xander Cage & shocked that the trailer was a lot better than the actual film itself.

I felt like all 23 personalities should have been displayed on screen. The film was 2 hours long and all audiences got to see was between 4-6 personas, if that. The trailers, movie posters, & the actress that portrayed the character of Dr. Fletcher made references to 23 personalities.

I felt that was unfair to the audience--if you are advertising 23 personalities all over the place, the audience should be able to see that. Right or wrong? 

Don't say what you can't deliver. Talking on McAvoy's role(s) in the film- very sensational. My favorite was when he was Hedwig. That 9 year old kid was too kicks! McAvoy really got into character for this film! McAvoy was a beast in deed because he tackled every last personality he had to act out and he deserves a standing ovation! 

A job more than well done goes to him I say! In conclusion, the film was not average but better than average and at the same time was a tad bit deceiving with us not seeing all the sides to Kevin as Dr. Fletcher talked about and the advertisements. 

The film keeps you guessing, keeps you laughing (Hedwig does that part), and it keeps you very tuned in as to what will happen next and you will "split" out of the theater to find your sanity! 

I like movies like this...but I also love more thrilling chills and fun in the entire film and not just at the close of one also. Have fun!